Why live stream an event?

You have an amazing event - it's going to be amazing and you want to share your event with the world! At it's very basic level live streaming takes your event and puts it on the internet. We make your local event global, or maybe a little less local. We've live streamed town hall meetings, and divisional updates, lectures and conferences. If you have an event or a message you want to broadcast to the public, or telecommuters that can't come to your event - live streaming is the answer for you.

When you choose to do Live streaming with Amplified Story we become your technical partner. We handle and manage all of the technical things involved in live streaming your event and let you focus on making the event the very best that you can. We work side by side to ensure everything is handled properly and professionally, and make sure that your live audience (in the room or online) get the very best experience. If you've seen it on tv, we can do the exact same thing for your live event - we bring to the table live camera switching, layout changes according to content, and a solution based approach to any request. If you've seen it on tv, we can probably do the same thing for your live event.

Ready? Have questions? Contact us - we'd love to talk to you about what we can do for you.

Increased attedance, reach and exposure = profit.

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