How much do you charge for your live stream?

Wondering what kind of pricing structure for your next live event? We know there's a bunch of factors to account for in coming up with your pricing schedule

What value does your event offer? How can you leverage that for your audience and create a cost structure that allows them to opt-in to what they deem valueable? Typically we see Corporate doing live stream tickets for the same price as the in-person tickets - and we think this isn't viewing the value relationship properly. Different people want different things from your event - some people want to be there live, others want to see it when they have time - and others are inbetween. So what if you could offer something like that to your audience and it looked like this:

live in personwith recordings=$150
live in person =$100
live streamedwith recordings=$100
live streamed =$50

Now you're giving the audience choice at very little additional cost to you. You now have options for you audience, and who doesn't like choice?

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