Streaming will poach my audience

"I'm worried that if I live stream my event, I won't sell enough physical tickets."

This is a very common fear we hear from people wanting to live stream their events - they are afraid that if they offer their event to be consumed from somebodies desktop, nobody will show up to their actual live event.

What if I told you that live streaming actually increases your physical attendance? That by offering remote participants the chance to see your event they are actually more motivated to come to your event next time. We at Amplified believe that by offering to live stream your event, you're simply opening up options to engage in your event - and by offering more options you're offering more opportunity to your clients.

When television was first introduced there was also a fear that people would stop going to live events. Why would you go to a hockey game if you could see it on television? Why would you go to the concert hall, the arena, or the theatre - if you could watch it from home. Do you think the folks at the Super Bowl care that you're watching from home? Are the folks at home getting a less than value-able experience?

Your event is important, right? Wouldn't you want to share it with as many people as possible? Contact us to find out how we can help.

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